book cover you are not too fat to get pregnant carmen mair

have you been told that weightloss will help you conceive a baby ?

you are not "too fat"

to get pregnant ! improve your fertility without restrictive dieting

Beyond the numbers on the scale, this ebook reveals the underlying root causes that link weight gain and infertility and provides you with a step-by-step program for boosting your fertility AND losing weight without even trying within 12 weeks.

it's a myth that weight alone determines your ability to conceive.

Why does your "fat" colleague push her third kid around in a stroller, but you apparently need to lose weight first? If getting pregnant would be as simple as losing a few pounds, why hasn't it worked for you yet? Can you even count the diets you've been on?

There are many reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant. From insulin resistance to thyroid issues and nutritional deficiencies, we explore the intricate connections that often go unnoticed in the pursuit of parenthood.

You have been made to feel hopeless by a society obsessed with body image.

"You Are Not Too Fat to Get Pregnant" by Carmen Mair offers a new perspective on the complicated interplay of hormones, metabolism, and diet, emphasizing overall health rather than the number on the scales.

I'll challenge stereotypes, dispel myths, and pave the path for a better understanding of the diverse nature of reproduction. It's time to reclaim control of your reproductive journey and believe in your own ability to build the family you've always wanted.

Allow yourself only 12 weeks to become a more fertile version of yourself without starving or feeling deprived.

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Carmen Mair

Certified Nutrition & Health Coach

But dont just take my word for it...

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Mary, 31

I'm 4 months pregnant

I can't even begin to describe how depressing it is to try to get pregnant month after month yet fail for no apparent medical reason other than being overweight. Carmen helped me understand how insulin resistance paired with some severe nutrient deficiencies screwed up my fertility. Following her advice changed my cycle around and bam, 6 months later, I got pregnant.

Elissa, 29

Buy this book - it's amazing!

What a wonderful breath of fresh air this book is. I am fed up with being bombarded with negative messages from the so-called medical experts. I have PCOS and have been told that it is impossible to conceive naturally and that I have to accept missed periods and anovulation. I call BS. I've had the third 32 day cycle in a row and according to my charts, I ovulated last cycle. I'm not pregnant yet but things seem to be moving in the right direction. 

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Jo, 27

Huge help!

I got knocked back by my fertility clinic. They said to come back after I'd lost weight. They made me feel like an utter sh*t. Carmen gave me not just hope but also helped me improve my fertility. I lost 50 pounds, sort of by accident in the process. I went back, and my IVF clinic was happy to treat me. We were surprised that my doctor was able to retrieve 12 eggs, 8 fertilised. Fingers crossed. Now it's up to God.

Boost your fertility without restrictive dieting

you are not "too fat" to get pregnant

12 weeks program for ONLY $19

book cover you are not too fat to get pregnant carmen mair


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