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Stress has a damaging effect on our body. Chronic stress can affect ovulation by altering the hypothalamus functions which controls the release of the hormones responsible for ovulation. If there is stress in your body, cortisol levels go up, and your hormones go out of balance. Our Fertility Meditation can work effectively by bringing down and correcting levels of this stress hormone in the body.

Fertility Exercise Meditation


If practiced over a considerable time period, the fertility meditation has a direct effect on the quality of your eggs. The hormone oxytocin is also released during meditation. Oxytocin is the happiness hormone which helps with birth, bonding with your baby and your milk production.

This is why we recommend listening to the Fertility meditation daily for in minimum 6 weeks. 

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Infertility brings various common feelings like a desperate wanting, self-blame, jealousy and impatience. You may find yourself unable to celebrate friends’ pregnancies and extreme levels of self-blame. These negative thoughts can rob you of your self-love and self-worth. The Fertility Meditation will help you become gentler with yourself and others, improving self-compassion and kindness. It will help you to stop feeling like your body is the enemy.

Success Stories

See What Our Baby Mummas Say

Jennifer Hardy Testimonial


"We were trying for a second. I assumed it would be easy as it had been when we'd gotten pregnant with our first. This meditation saved my sanity. Best part, I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much."

Lisa Clarkson Testimonial


"When we first started trying, I was obsessive and bought many pregnancy tests even if I knew my period was coming. I was at the point that I didn't even want to get out of bed some days. I was so depressed. First, I though it was stupid to believe the idea that my mind had any control over my ovaries, but I have nothing to lose, have I. I'm in week 4 of listing and not pregnant yet BUT my anxiety levels are down and I feel I can handle this journey."

Melinda Bing Testimonial


"I was so angry at my body and I stopped taking care of it. I have already my miracle IVF baby but I can't afford another round. I have PCOS and I'm trying everything possible to conceive naturally this time around. Carmen's dietary advice helped to bring back a regular cycle. I can feel that her meditation allows my body to heal even further."

Henry and Karla Testimonial


"I love this meditation. Love it. Before it felt like everyone just ‘falls pregnant’ straight away just not us. 2 years of trying made me become obsessed with analysing my temp chart. I was anxious all the time. It drove me nuts. After a week of listening my husband noticed I'm more relaxed. I deleted my apps and stopped measuring my temps. One month later I saw two lines on my pregnancy test. I still can't believe that this is happening."

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